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CrazyFly Tango 2019 K.O.

Anything you want

De 2019 Crazyfly Tango is een high performance freestyle kite voor de gevorderde kiter. De Tango is an open C-type kite met veel trekkracht en pop. De kracht die de kite produceerd is voorspelbaar en krachtige loops zijn met vertrouwen uit te voeren. De voor 2019 aangepaste bridle creëert slack in de lijnen voor handle passes.

De Tango wordt net als alle andere CrazyFly kites gemaakt in de eigen europese fabriek.  Toepassing van materialen zoals triple ripstop en dacron heeft een stevige kite tot gevolg.

De Crazyfly 2019 Tango is de allerbeste Tango tot nu toe.

Leverbaar in de maten + Windrange:
7 meter, 20 – 40 knopen
9 meter, 16 – 35 knopen
10,5 meter 13 – 30 knopen
12 meter 10 – 26 knopen

Leverbaar in de kleur ROOD

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7 meter normaal € 1149, bij Passion Powered € 919
9 meter normaal € 1299, bij Passion Powered € 1039
10,5 meter normaal € 1449, bij Passion Powered € 1159
12 meter normaal € 1499, bij Passion Powered € 1199


  • CrazyFly XL pomp

    • 49 €
  • CrazyFly XL pomp

    • 49 €
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Van de makers:

The 2019 Tango – anything you want.

The 2019 Tango is a freestyle kite for advanced to expert riders looking to unhook and ride hard. With the updated bridle set up, the tango now produces that much needed slack for handlepasses, making it the perfect companion for progressing into the next kiteboarding level.

The Tango is a modern open C-shape kite with lots of pull, power and pop. It turns quickly with predictable power and moves exactly where the rider wants it to go. Powered kite loops come with ease, plus the Tango provides amazing upwind abilities.

Shape wise, the Tango has short completely squared wingtips and short Linked bridle without pulleys or sliders for ultimate response and direct bar feel.

Exclusive to CrazyFly, we use Triplex, the most advanced ripstop material on the market. Triplex has by far the best strength to weight ratio and with triple coating its durability is unmatched. The coating protects the fabric from UV rays, salt and abrasive objects, such as sand. Triple coating and three ripstop yarns ensure the lowest possible elongation and deterioration of the material.

For 2019, we have re-worked multiple details on the construction of the Tango, such as brand new fluid flow struts, redesigned wingtips with more dacron and lab tested seams.

The Tango pushes the limits of strength, rigidity and weight of the kite. With Strategic Dacron placement and Tailored Canopy, we created the most compact kite and the resulting performance is breathtaking.

Kite maat

7m, 9m, 10,5m, 12m




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